It's the first day of spring and that means it's the perfect time to sell your home. And there are some good "signs" that the market could be strong in 2019.

As the snow melts away there are far fewer homes are on the market. When inventory is low, it increases your chance of a home sale. Fewer homes on the market mean more exposure for the homes that are. Yeah for you, right?!

Secondly, thanks to our evolving economy, interest rates are on the rise. However, they are still realtively low. That's a plus for you as well.

What's more? God bless those beautiful millennials. This spunky bunch is readying to become first-time home buyers. That's good news for you, too.

But what about home equity? If you are one of the fortunate souls that bought when interest rates were under 4 percent, then you've been building some of the good stuff. This year may be a great time to cash it in.

If you're considering 2019 to be your year, don't hesitate. The early spring market is the BEST!


Jamie O'Toole, Realtor®, Up North Team, Coldwell Banker Northwoods Realty