Coldwell Banker Northwoods Realty has unveiled its new look as the Coldwell Banker® network undergoes a visual transformation as part of “Project North Star.” Coldwell Banker Northwoods Realty is deploying new office signage, yard signs, marketing materials and more as part of the full network-wide rebrand this year.  

The new logo called the “CB North Star,” features a star as its visual icon intended to represent two distinctive elements that exemplify the Coldwell Banker® brand:

The five-pointed star is a recognized mark of excellence, one that symbolizes the quality of service that the company has prided itself on since 1906. 

Throughout history the North Star has been the beacon that explorers have used to guide them to the place they most cherished — home. Sitting confidently above the CB, the North Star signifies the fact that Coldwell Banker has been guiding people home for over a century, longer than any other real estate brand. 

The signature blue color will remain a constant, while the rectangle has been revised to a sleeker, more compact square—a profile more in keeping with today’s mobile-first culture. 

All of these elements unite to create a symbol that represents the essence of what Coldwell Banker is today, and where it’s headed tomorrow.

“Coldwell is one of the best known and trusted names in real estate,” said Broker/Owner Mike Kellin. “They’ve always been leaders in the industry and on the forefront of innovation. It was time for a new look that reflected those values. It energizes our brand and will make a powerful impact in our community.”

Every visual expression of the agency’s identity, including the office exterior and interior, will ultimately reflect the new contemporary look. 

“Coldwell Banker Northwoods Realty is excited to be part of this journey,” said Kellin. “We can’t wait to leverage the fresh visuals of Project North Star for our clients and we believe this look will be a head-turner in Itasca County. We appreciate the opportunity to help guide our brand to success for another 100 years.” 

Since launching the rebrand, Coldwell Banker set upon a path to retell its brand story by solidifying its mission statement and recommitting to its core values, empowering over 92,000 sales agents worldwide to leave their mark on their communities. The words “home,” “awesomeness,” “ingenuity” and “excellence” represent the company’s core values and are intended to guide and inspire offices and agents around the globe.